Pets: Friend or Foe in Rental Property?

This is a question that will certainly split a crowd!

The age old question of whether to allow pets in your rental property; this used to be a very straightforward 'no' for me as a letting agent in the past when advising landlords, however things have changed.

We have the generation of renters who have never been able to afford deposits when purchasing a property filling the marketplace, as well as the number of people relocating due to the pandemic. This has meant that if you are a landlord happy to let to renters with a pet, you are at an advantage. Properties that allow pets are few and far between.

Other than the issue of allergies, I cannot think of another disadvantage. Usually an additional amount is added to the deposit to take into account any damage or wear and tear caused by the pet. Not only that the check in and check out reports would highlight any discrepancy.

Pets in rental properties are becoming a more frequent occurrence, but the supply of pet-friendly properties is not keeping up with this demand. It is of course at the discretion of the landlord whether a pet is welcome or not.

If you have a property that you are thinking of letting out in East Lothian or Edinburgh, and wondering whether it should be pet-friendly get in touch with Susan on 07921256066 or at

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