Keeping Warm on a Budget

With a definite drop in temperature and the price of heating our homes ever increasing, it is important more than ever to know a few handy hacks to make our heating go as far as possible and as economically as possible.

  • Make sure any draughts or gaps by windows/doors are minimised using draught excluders.

  • Close curtains and blinds as soon as the sun goes down to allow the heat to stay in and keep cold at bay.

  • Close doors to the rooms that you are not using and use the individual thermostats on radiators to keep higher temperatures in rooms used frequently and lower in other rooms.

  • When cooking keep lids on pots to save on energy - this reduces the energy usage and also cooks quicker.

  • Use the timers on your heating system, research suggests that turning on the boiler 30 minutes earlier at a lower heat is cheaper than turning it on at a higher heat when you want it.

  • Make sure the radiators are free from furniture to allow the heat to flow freely, the same goes for long curtains as they can trap the heat underneath them.

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