Condensation & Mould Problem?

This is the time of year when the dreaded condensation starts to appear in properties, and consequently mould can become an issue if not kept on top of. If the mould is not cleaned away on a regular basis it can scar the underlaying wallpaper or paint and can be a costly expense to remedy.

To help avoid condensation and mould we need to understand why it occurs; it is the build up of moisture in a property. Moisture can occur for a number of reasons; a leak coming in from an outside source such as rainwater from a gutter, leak from a neighbouring property, as well as our day to day living such as cooking, plants, drying clothes, even breathing!

In which case, to avoid condensation in the first place the top tip is to make sure the property is well ventilated. Most windows have a trickle vent to allow a constant escape route for the moisture. If your windows do not have them make sure you open your windows, even just a little bit, on a regular basis to ensure the moisture can escape.

Try to avoid too much moisture by keeping lids on while cooking and drying clothes outside if possible. Check behind furniture and belongings that are up against a wall as they can attract mould without you realising it.

Over the years we have seen properties that have never experienced mould to becoming riddled with it and it is usually down to lack of ventilation as opposed to an outside source. Make sure your tenants are in the know as it is an issue that can be kept on top of.

More information on condensation and mould can be found at Energy Saving Trust.

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