Keeping Cosy & Costs Down

Now that Winter feels like it is making itself well and truly at home, with temperatures struggling to get into double figures, we have some tips below to help keep you cosy and costs down.

- Close curtains as soon as it starts getting dark, this helps keep the heat in rather than escaping out the window - literally!

- Close doors to rooms that you don't need to use to keep heat in the ones you are using.

- When cooking make sure all pots have lids on as this reduces the energy required to heat the appliance and also cooks quicker.

- Invest in a draught excluder to line at the bottom of any exterior door to keep draughts at bay.

- Use the timers on your heating system, research suggests that turning on the boiler 30 minutes earlier at a lower heat is cheaper than turning it on at a higher heat as and when you want it.

- Make sure the radiators are free from furniture to allow the heat to flow freely, same goes for long curtains in front of radiators.

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