Holiday Lets in Edinburgh

Whilst there is much focus on the holiday let market in Edinburgh we feel it is important to highlight the significance of holiday lets in Edinburgh and how we can move forward as an industry with residents and the council.

The majority of holiday let operators across the city manage their property in a legitimate fashion to make the visit for the guest as appealing as possible in a safe environment. They also take great care in ensuring that the guests using the property will be respectful whilst using the property and local area.

There have unfortunately been some cases where this has not happened hence the negative press.

The way to ensure that this can be minimised is for there to be an introduction of regulations to the holiday let market for all parties (operators, residents, and council) to come together to set boundaries and complaints procedures in place. This could work similarly to HMO licensing or landlord registration in the long term property market.

This would allow for operators to follow a code of conduct and for residents to feel confident that any complaint is taken seriously and for actions to be taken.

Holiday lets have been operating in Edinburgh for a long time and are a significant means of accommodation for visitors. The way people travel now has changed dramatically due to Airbnb and worldwide and with Edinburgh being the UK's second highest tourism hotspot we have to in some way incorporate them into our society without pushing out or frustrating local residents.

We would welcome any meetings with the council on how to introduce regulations to the holiday let market rather than a generalisation that a minority of properties tarnish an overall well look after market

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