Keeping Standards High in Holiday Lets

While the boom in the holiday let market keeps expanding with all sorts of properties making themselves available to holiday let guests, it is important to remember to always keep high standards within the property.

Not only are there the regulations to meet, guests expect a lot more for their money these days. That includes making sure the property is clean and tidy with all the information they need to navigate the property's appliances and any quirks. For example, there is a stair door to a holiday let we look after and unless you know the knack to unlocking the door - lift key then turn... - then access can be tricky. Making sure your guests have all the information can make all the difference to a positive or negative review.

'Softening' a property with cushions, throws and pictures also goes a long way to making guests feel comfortable and home from home.

For more information on holiday letting in Edinburgh contact Susan on 01875 702071 or at

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