Keeping the Balance

It is often that letting agents and property managers focus on the landlord relationship when it comes to managing properties. However, it is just as important to make sure tenants are happy and this usually equates to happy landlords.

Managing relationships is a huge part of being a letting agent and can make all the difference when difficult situations arise. We had a situation recently where a tenant had just renewed his lease for a further six months and then a week later a dream job offer, located in Europe, landed on his desk. Knowing that he could discuss options with us here at Laidlaw Lettings made sure that we could all come to a solution that worked for all involved and gave us peace of mind that both the tenant and landlord are happy.

The tenant departed with the following testimonial;

"Thanks for everything Susan, I'm really glad you were my agent in the last few years, I wish you all the best!"

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