How AirBnB is Revolutionising the Holiday Let Market

The introduction of AirBnB has completely transformed the holiday let market. What used to be a niche market with usually cottages and lodges, has now developed into a huge marketplace filled with all sorts of properties. This has not just taken place in the UK, but globally.

Many of our guests travel from around the world and AirBnB seems to be popular in America, Asia and Europe. It would appear that this may be the new way to travel.

Sticking to the UK market for now; AirBnB has allowed many people to either rent out a room or their entire property in a cost effective way. The original advertising websites and portals used to charge expensive annual rates to advertise holiday lets, however AirBnB takes a commision off each booking making it a more attractive option to holiday let owners. We have seen other advertising sites follow suit to keep competitive.

As with everty revolution, there are obstacles. The number of properties available to rent in the holiday let market has exploded meaning competition is high. To make sure you are able to rent your property successfully for a good income the rates have to be competitive and your property of a particular quality.

Both guests and landlords/owners can review each other after the booking and as we live in a world where we buy or use a service based on reviews, this is a fundamental area to get right.

Also, as your bookings get more and more frequent, you need to make sure you have a reliable person to carry out the turnarounds getting the property clean and laundered.

We may be seeing more and more holiday let properties come to the market due to the tax changes scheduled to take place in which case watch this space!

If you are looking for advice on holiday lets and what they involve contact Susan on 01875 702071 or at

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