Property = Pension??

There has been much press recently regarding the changes in how people manage their pensions, namely that we now decide where to invest it.

While this could be seen to be a positive change there has been an awful lot of negative assumptions made regarding investing in property, as opposed to investing in alternative methods.

Like everything in life, it comes down to getting the right advice from the right people to ensure that risks are minimalised.

Here at Laidlaw Lettings we have seen an upturn in the number of buy to let investors for both long term (six months plus tenancies) and holiday let properties (under one month stays) in the Edinburgh and East Lothian property markets. We provide these investors with as much information as we can regarding the potential income, possible outgoings and risks associated with the rental market so that they can make a considered decision.

Edinburgh is still an attractive location to invest in due to it's financial status, universities, colleges and tourist attractions. Likewise, East Lothian being set amongst fabulous beaches and golf courses within easy commuting distance of Edinburgh is an attractive proposition.

Investing in property may not be suitable for some, however we are more than happy to provide those considering the option with as much information as they require.

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For more information please contact Susan at or on 01875 702071.

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