Top Tips to Keep Heating Costs Down in Your Home

We have had some really good news regarding heating costs for Eon customers this week, however we have some great tips to keep your costs even lower while we are battered by storms.

1) As soon as it starts getting dark close the curtains to ensure all heat is retained inside.

2) When cooking, keep lids on to cook quicker and to ensure heat is not escaping from an open pot.

3) When boiling the kettle only boil as much as you need instead of wasting energy on a full heated kettle.

4) Try to make sure all your curtains are lined for extra insulation, if not you can purchase fabrics online to line them cheaply.

5) Keep handy throws and rugs close to the sofa to snuggle into for those wintry nights in front of the TV.

These are all tried and tested methods to keeping heating costs down with Laidlaw Lettings so hopefully you can benefit from one or two of them as well.

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